No matter what our age, our inner child is our original true self.

Some of us may have mastered being a ‘grown up’ but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have child-like feelings sometimes. There’s a part of our personality that can still feel & react as we did when we were young.

Signs of your Inner Child

Do you have a playful, creative, spontaneous or even a rebellious side? Do you struggle with embarrassment, anger, hurt or experience fear so strong that you feel ‘little’ and like running away?

If something is a familiar feeling you’ve experienced on and off since your childhood, it may be a part of your inner child.

Denial of our inner child’s needs can lead to destructive behaviours such as dependent relationships, not taking action, lack of control over our behaviour or sabotaging our own progress.

Reflecting on our patterns from childhood, we can begin to understand what’s really happening for us on a deeper level, giving us a much better picture of what needs to happen to break the patterns that are holding us back.