About Me


My name is Chanelle. I’m a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor specialising in understanding childhood. For over ten years I’ve studied and worked with adults and children helping them overcome fears, change patterns and feel better around others and in relationships.

How? By understanding a person’s early years. Identifying our early life story is absolutely crucial to resolving and healing our lives.

After many years of studying the psychology and science of how we become who we are, i know that in times of struggle such as anxiety or depression how we feel, act and how we experience our reality and those around us is not random.

Understanding your unique experiences is the first step to identifying what’s needed to move through a place of stuckness. Considering our ‘developmental needs’ in relation to your personal story allows me to find deeply effective solutions to what can feel like overwhelming problems in the here and now. 

As a therapist and coach I’ve worked with both adults and children from all walks of life – in schools, GP practices and charity organsiations as well as my own private practice. I’ve studied many different theories and models to help me understand the bigger picture of what we need to feel ‘good enough’.

As we begin to understand your unique story, together we’ll find the specific tools for improving your biology, spirit or mindset to help you move forward into a happier place to thrive from.


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